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TUV NORD Certificate IS0 17100:2016. Our registration number is 7U396 InText is a UTIC Organizer

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At InText Translation Company, we focus on meeting the demands of our clients, and thus are constantly improving the quality management system.

Each translation is subject to multistage verification:
  • Translation Memory technology is used by our language specialists to ensure consistency of key content.
  • All translated texts are edited by our in-house/freelance editors. During this stage, translated texts are compared with source materials; spelling, grammar, stylistic and other kinds of mistakes are eliminated.
  • Thereafter texts are checked by professional Russian or Ukrainian reviewers from the standpoint of the target audience.
  • In the end, the final check is performed by our proofreaders after we receive prepared files from DTP department. All the corrections are implemented in PDF files and target formats.

On each stage we perform automated QA and check changes that have been made. We keep successful team attached to a project as long as possible.

However, circumstances may make it necessary to change a translator, editor or even project manager. Assistance in this regard comes from our customized check lists of different levels: Client, Project or Job. Any special requirement is immediately added to these lists. Once indicated by our client, every instruction will always be adhered to regardless of the team.

How we ensure the quality of our services

The overall quality of each job is assessed with the help of a rating system implemented into the daily workflow. Along with the translation, editors receive Evaluation Form to complete. They evaluate translation in the following categories (each having its own weight):

  • Accuracy
  • Consistency and Glossary
  • Style
  • Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation
  • Instructions

Once evaluation is completed, weighted quality indicators go to our database. Together with other scores they shape a translation quality rating for each translator and enable us to specify subject areas, document types and tools that each translator works the best. Thus, it helps to assign the best translator for a particular job to better meet our client’s expectations.

Feedbacks with comments are sent to the translators to stimulate professional growth of our freelancers and create the sense of responsibility for their work.

Verifika: The next big thing for Automated QA

Verifika is a software tool that helps us to locate and resolve errors in bilingual translation files and translation memories. It detects formatting, consistency, terminology, grammar and spelling mistakes in the target language. All detected errors are included in a report which allows to conveniently correct them with no external software tool (such as SDL Trados) required. Verifika features an internal editor for reviewing and amending translations. For many error types, Verifika also offers an auto-correction feature. Its powerful search feature allows us to perform further corrections if necessary.

Verifika checks the following:

  • Missing translations
  • Untranslatables
  • Adherence to language standards
  • Text formatting
  • Repeated words
  • Translation consistency
  • Terminology
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Number mismatches and formatting
  • Personal user-defined checks

Complaint management

Any complaint is a subject to quality rechecking and no one is left unprocessed in terms of our record-keeping policy. After comprehensive discussion of each case, we develop both corrective and preventive actions to provide new instructed experience to the team and to avoid further complaints regarding same matter.

In case of justified complaint, we are ready to make any post-translation corrections free of charge at any time. We can also apply price reduction/discounts, if it is proven that the quality of delivered translation is not appropriate.

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