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TUV NORD Certificate IS0 17100:2016. Our registration number is 7U396 InText is a UTIC Organizer

InText ranked 1th amoung TOP 10 Ukrainian LSPs

      Management Team
Photo of Stanislav Kalenyuk, CEO
Stanislav Kalenyuk
“My aim is to build an effective, sustainable and healthy business model.”                                                                                                     
Stanislav Kalenyuk, CEO and co-founder of InText Translation Company, has a Master’s degree in Management of Foreign Economic Activity. In a short period of time, he has managed to create a team of like-minded specialists focused on success. InText is today one of the leading translation companies in Ukraine.
Photo of Kirill Fedotov, COO
Kirill Fedotov
“After joining InText Translation Company in January 2004, I’ve come a long way in this industry and look forward to sharing my knowledge with others and developing an even stronger company with the help of all the talented people we have on board.”
Kirill was appointed Chief Operating Officer in the fall of 2012. His wealth of experience of both sales and project management and his impressive ability to focus on and achieve results form a solid base for success and make a valuable contribution to the long-term growth of the business.
Project Management Department
The company employs 10 Project Managers. In their day-to-day work they are always at the centre of the company’s interaction with its clients and contractors. It is the responsibility of Project Managers to meet customer deadlines and deliver high-quality jobs. They are also tasked with coordinating the activities of project team members: translators, proofreaders and technical experts. Project Managers are responsible to company management for keeping within the budget limits. The managers working at InText Translation Company have the required expertise and all the necessary skills. Their experience is a guarantee of successful performance of difficult and large-scale projects.
Representing Project Management Department
Photo of Anna Kraineva, Head of Production
Anna Kraineva
Head of PM Department
“I am delighted to work at InText and excited about growing professionally within and with the company.”
Having joined the team in 2010, Anna continues to make great strides.
Since 2012 she has been in charge of InText’s Project Management Department, handling highly complicated issues, establishing cooperation with new clients and strengthening the trust of current ones.
Having a perfect understanding of the company’s operations and a true commitment to quality, Anna always has new goals to achieve and new dreams to come true.
Anna has a Master's degree in English Language and Literature and draws inspiration from dancing and helping stray animals.
Photo of Natalya Danilchuk, Account Manager
Natalya Danilchuk
Account Manager
“Working at InText is hard but definitely rewarding! Great people, great working atmosphere.”
Natalia is one of the most successful Project Managers in the company. Having joined InText in 2008, she has proved that she possesses all the necessary skills to plan, delegate and manage difficult and large translation projects. She is currently working as an Account Manager.

Natalia graduated from the Customs Academy in 2004 and from Dnipropetrovsk National University in 2008 and as a specialist in Information Systems & Technologies and Banking.
Photo of Tatyana Kolesnik, Senior Project Manager
Tatyana Kolesnik
Senior Project Manager
“I joined the InText team in July 2006. I work as a Project Manager, and sometimes do reviews and translations as well. I am delighted to be a part of our great team.”
Tatyana has been involved in the localization industry since 2004. Having worked for two years as a freelance interpreter, she continued her professional life at InText Translation Company with responsibility for project management group coordination, international client relations, and quality assurance for the Russian and Ukrainian languages. Tatyana is interested in global and personal improvement, and in searching for new ideas and solutions in the translation business, particularly in TM and glossary policies and effective QA systems. She has a Master's degree in Chinese Language and Literature and in Comparative Philology of Eastern and English-speaking Countries.
Photo of Svetlana Kolesnikova, Senior Project Manager
Svetlana Kolesnikova
Senior Project Manager
“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” - This is about InText and me.
Together with her team, Svetlana handles dozens of projects every day, making sure the translation and localization process launches and lands smoothly. She has a Master’s degree in Technical Translation and speaks English and German. When she is not in the office, Svetlana enjoys reading, parlor games and listening to Latin music.
Photo of Valeriya Vezovik, Senior Project Manager
Valeriya Vezovik
Senior Project Manager
“I have always wanted to have a job I love and I am happy to come to. Thanks to InText and the great team working here, this dream came true!”
Valeriya joined InText in 2013 and since then has worked her way up from Assistant to Senior Project Manager. She graduated from Dniprodzerzhynsk State Technical University and has a Master’s Degree in English and French Philology and Translation.
Every day, Valeriya and her team deal with various challenging projects, always bearing in mind the company’s top priority: to meet its clients’ expectations.
Translation Department
All our proofreaders and reviewers are highly qualified professionals, specialists in a particular branch of technology, economics, medicine or law, and fluent in a foreign language. They keep constantly abreast of all the latest achievements in these and other fields of knowledge, updating our corporate dictionaries, glossaries and translation databases year after year. Our proofreaders and linguistic reviewers also assist new translators in learning the ropes at InText, while helping them to improve their translation skills.
We pay extra attention to quality assurance. We keep up with the latest QA technologies and apply them in our project workflow to provide services of better quality every day.
Representing Translation Department
Photo of Maksym  Hamii, Head of Translation Department
Maksym Hamii
Head of Translation Department
“A healthy working relationship is essential for a successful company. I am glad InText honours this approach for both full-time and freelance contractors. Even the most complicated issues can be addressed thanks to this strong partnership.”
Maxim graduated from the National Mining University with a degree in Technical Translation from Two Foreign Languages (English and German).
He joined InText as a vendor coordinator and quality control manager in 2013. Maxim has fully explored each stage of the order delivery process through daily close communication with translators and editors, rigorous analysis of projects and customer requirements, and preparation of feedback for the team.
He is interested in quality issues and QA tools. Since 2016, Maxim has been a secretary of the quality committee monitoring the quality of services provided by InText. In 2019, he was appointed Translation Department Manager and he sees his mission in improving internal translation processes, as well as developing and strengthening long-term relationships with contractors.
Desktop Publishing Department
Our DTP and design specialists are highly educated and qualified, and have extensive practical experience, enabling them to use cutting-edge page layout and graphic design software.
Representing Desktop Publishing Department
Alexey Netrebko, Head of DTP Department
Alexey Netrebko
Head of DTP Department
“Here at InText, it’s obvious that a solution can be found for every problem, no matter how complex it seems. A professional approach and teamwork are the key.”
Having started his career in the late 1990s as an instant printing designer and printing equipment salesman, Alexey has accumulated a great deal of practical experience and mastered all of the most popular authoring software for designers. Today, he heads InText’s DTP Department and coordinates a team of great specialists to enhance the translation process through better formatted source files and to produce target language documents that match all client specifications. Alexey is fond of music and design, and occasionally enjoys a day or two hunting in the wild.
Human Resources Department
Finding and recruiting applicants for positions as full-time employees and freelancers, helping newcomers adapt to the team and master basic skills, as well as implementing personnel motivation programs, maintaining personnel documents and organizing various training events for the InText team - these are the tasks of our Human Resources Managers, and they manage them impeccably.
Representing Human Resources Department
Photo of Anna Braslavskaya, Vendor Manager
Anna Braslavskaya
Vendor Manager
“InText is more than just a company, it is a place where all my friends are.”
Anna has worked as HR Manager since 2006. Over a period of 11 years, she has acquired considerable expertise in finding, testing, hiring and inspiring translators, and has made every effort to provide freelancers with 24/7 support and instill the right working spirit.
Anna has a Master's degree in Applied Mathematics from Dnipropetrovsk National University.
She is now successfully applying her background knowledge and charisma to find effective ways of working with freelancers and building long-term working relationship.
Marketing Department
Our Marketing Manager constantly monitors the translation and related services market to understand the main development trends. This enables us to respond quickly to all events in such a dynamic environment and, if necessary, to improve or expand our range of our services to meet our customers’ needs exactly.
Accounting Department
The difficult task of accounting is entrusted to 2 experienced and professionally competent accountants. Thanks to their painstaking work, the company’s reporting system is well-maintained, and the financial side of the business is fully compliant with all statutory requirements.
For many projects InText Company relies on freelance translators, proofreaders and DTP specialists. In the event of a large project we can quickly expand our team by involving freelance suppliers. This scalability enables us to be flexible in meeting our customers’ requirements.
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