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   NEWS: 19 December 2017 InText Turns 15

A day to mark

Birthdays are a bright sparkle in our everyday routine. A day of happy memories and ambitious plans. A day to celebrate with our loved ones. This year, InText turned 15, and whereas for people this is the age of transition from childhood to adolescence, for a company, restlessly serving its clients every day, 15 is the age of maturity.

A glance into the past

This birthday, we are recalling our early years. It all started with a small agency in the middle of an industrial city – an agency that catered to the needs of the local clients. But the quality bar was set so high from the very beginning that the small office quickly grew into a dynamic company. Increasing workloads required new and sophisticated workflows, professional staff and larger premises.

This new level of service attracted foreign clients, and now InText translation company is listed among the top market players. We acknowledge this success, but we are not complacent.

People we celebrate with

Birthdays are also a family occasion. For a company, the family consists of its employees, and this year, as we do every year, we are celebrating InText's anniversary together. The fact that the core family members have remained the same and young and enthusiastic members with modern skills joined the InText family paid silent tribute to the loyalty shown by our staff. We are delighted to greet our newbies and to help them learn the ropes as smoothly as possible.

InText Newcomers.

InText Newcomers

A time to boast

We like holidays and we love to party, but first of all, we are hard workers. Every day we look for new ways to serve our clients better, continuously improving the quality of our work. And as proof of our commitment we have adopted and strictly adhere to the ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 standards — the referential set of rules for the language industry.

We have organised three major off-line professional events in Ukraine — UTIC conferences — and accumulated a wealth of useful video content on our YouTube channel which every industry stakeholder may watch for free. Our online webinars, presentations and speeches attract many participants, keen to get the latest insights on translation and localisation matters.

Following all this hard work, every staff member received well-deserved honours and awards at our anniversary party. Just look at those happy and inspired faces! See more photos in our Flickr album

InText rewards its departments.

InText rewards its departments

Summing up

InText has a colourful 15 years behind it and will remain your reliable partner for many years to come. To mark this milestone, we organised a party with a delicious birthday cake, music and dancing. The following day we came back to work even more inspired and motivated, ready to deliver new projects in line with your expectations.

InText Team.

InText Team

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