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   NEWS: 27 June 2017 Three new videos from UTICamp-2016

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

As you may know, InText Translation Company in addition to being a reliable translation & DTP services provider is also the organizer of a unique event — the Ukrainian Translation Industry Camp. It is now time to tell you more about these events and to start sharing some useful content with you.

The UTIC conference was held in 2013 and 2014 in Kyiv, the capital city of Ukraine, bringing together up to 400 industry professionals from all over the world. From 2016, we decided to change the format from a more or less standard urban event to a friendly open-air conference, held in the woods on a river bank. This interesting reincarnation of the conference was given the name “UTICamp”.

UTICamp is a combination of real open-air camping in a coniferous forest and fascinating discussions of the translation industry’s hot topics, including exchanges of opinions and sharing of translation and localization experience. UTICamp speakers and attendees represent the linguistic community of Europe, the USA and Asia.

Today, we are delighted to present three new videos from UTICamp-2016.

Translation in the future — The future of translation. Kimmo Rossi

The translation business and the job of the translator have changed dramatically in the past 30 years. Translation memory systems and machine translation are now part of the technical and commercial translation scene. Clients want translations cheaper and faster than ever, but they still want quality. Tools do only what they are designed to do. What kind of new platforms and services are needed to fill the voids and integrate all parts of the process? Where do translators fit in?

Supporting Translation Quality Assessment… a flexible approach. Paul Filkin

The TQA module in any CAT tool must have the flexibility to support the quality model most appropriate for the context of the translation and to reduce duplication of effort in the process. This presentation looks at how this is done in SDL Trados Studio using the latest features built into the product.

Localization of the BlaBlaCar website: Fun and Serious or The pros and cons of small-scale localization projects. Oksana Tkach

Oksana shares her experience of managing small localization projects for a global business, speaks about how the process is organized at BlaBlaCar and gives some examples of localization errors.

UTICamp is an amazing place with a special atmosphere that is ideal for relaxing and networking, hope you will enjoy the videos from the event!

We are publishing and sharing with you the most interesting content at UTICamp’s YouTube channel. Feel free to subscribe and share your thoughts and insights in the comments section.

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