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      NEWS: 16 June 2014 Ukrainian Translation Industry Conference 2014 held against all odds

Many of you follow the events that put Ukraine in the global news. Yet few of you know that InText managed to host the second Ukrainian Translation Industry Conference despite these turbulent times. UTIC was attended by a total of 200 people, including representatives of largest Ukrainian and Russian companies, as well as international guests.

It was our first unusual experience in organizing live streaming of the conference, so that those who couldn't be in Kyiv in person still had the opportunity to watch all conference sessions, chose between original sound or interpreting and even ask questions to speakers online. A total of 83 people watched the conference online.

As always, obstacles turned to be opportunities in disguise so this article is dedicated to those who made it to UTIC-2014 - a unique event in so many ways.

The Program Comittee, including our COO Kirill Fedotov, helped to keep the program very practical yet inspiring. Three tracks were devoted to three key aspects: art of translation, business of translation and translation technologies.

Here are some of the takeaways distilled down and shared by InTextians and our industry colleagues:

Hans Fenstermacher, CEO of GALA: Clients are looking for transparency, technological competence and interoperability; self-service will become more the norm for language service providers. (You can watch full video greeting here.)

Irina Alekseeva, Founder of the Saint-Petersburg Higher School of Translation and Interpreting: Centers of translator trainings should be present across the country and not just as part of universities. Various forms of translator trainings starting from universities and higher schools and ending with summer courses should become an itinerary of all translators in their continuous professional growth.

Konstantin Lakshin, freelance translator: When talking about the technology of natural language processing, functional core of most of the translation technology leaders in the market is stuck in the mid-nineties, while some of the not-so-popular tools have proven to be flexible and more innovative.

Olexander Pysaryuk, Localization Manager at Achievers: The quality of localization expressly depends on the quality of communications with a translator.

Stanislav Kalenyuk, CEO of InText: Two marks of good management systems for translation agencies will be: Resource Information Management, control over skills and talents, and ability to make Project Outcome Predictions, profitability, risks ect., based on the stored data.

To watch all video materials free of charge, please stay tuned to the UTIC website. Now you can find there UTIC-2013 video materials. UTIC-2014 recordings will be published gradually with both original sound and interpreting.

The first of the UTIC events was held in 2013 and its success and obvious demand for a large industry event in Ukraine inspired us to host UTIC-2014.

InText is a sole organizer of UTIC events. We are grateful to the sponsors who help us share costs of the organization and create a favourable conditions for sharing knowledge and networking. We thank all attendees for energizing the conference, being open and generous, passionate about their profession and compassionate and attentive to their colleagues.

UTIC is more than an annual conference. To know more about the regional industry of translation, watch the UTIC-2013 Webinar Series covering a whole range of topics, from translator training and to industry standards from Ukrainian local business perspective.

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