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      NEWS: 28 February 2014 Results of 2013

It has been a year symbolizing zest, persistence, and hard work for InText.

With a stable translation volume of 22 million words and trusting relationships with 310 clients from across the globe, InText focused on streamlining the processes and the continual improving of the quality and efficiency of our services.

Early last year, InText became a member of the American Translators Association, which is perhaps the largest industry association of 11,000 members from more than 90 countries. We are excited about our participating in the ATA's projects and benefitting from the wealth of knowledge, best practices, and connections that the association so generously provides.

We have created a strong Quality & Assurance Department headed by Valentyna Kozlova, initially "starring" as a project manager. The department consists of a growing team of professional linguistic specialists who control the project assignment process, carefully selecting among more than 650 freelancers to deliver according to the requirements of each job. Q&A specialists put the finishing touches on the texts that are delivered, help process clients` feedback, as well as provide freelance translators with an opportunity for the continual improvement of their professional skills and expertise.

"We are oriented toward continual improvement and optimization using effective measurement tools to keep us on the right track. Attending conferences is always a great way to learn, get inspired, and connect with your clients. In 2013, it accounted for a number of ideas and processes that we implemented."

Valentyna Kozlova
Head of Q&A Department

It was the year of huge innovations for InText - the company organized and conducted the Ukrainian Translation Industry Conference (UTIC) in Kyiv, on May 18-19. This is the most outstanding endeavor in the company's history and it turned into one of the brightest events of the year. It was a big challenge requiring the accumulation of efforts of our team and support from our freelancers and partners from other companies, and we were happy to get a lot of positive feedback and smiles in return.

"The UTIC conference shows how vibrant, active, and professional the language sector is in Ukraine and Russia."

Hans Fenstermacher
CEO of Globalization and Localization Association (USA)

"...There is a professional community evolving in Ukraine that is oriented toward high quality of work and joint problem solving. I suppose these are just the first steps, but they are made by people who are devoted to our occupation, and this is a ticket to success."

Pavel Palazhchenko
Principal Interpreter for Mikhail Gorbachev and Eduard Shevardnadze, Diplomat

"I would like to emphasize two principles of the market participants` interaction in the marketplace: competition and integration. These two principles could be demonstrated convincingly as exemplified by children. If we compare the current Ukraine's translation industry to a sand-pit, then the kids who can't share their toys represent the model of competitiveness. In this case, they can't play together. Playing will only take place when the kids grow up a little and learn to settle in the name of commonwealth. The integration phase is an attribute of a more mature system."

Stanislav Kalenyuk
CEO of InText Translation Company

Last year brought us a chance to support the social activities of our city. InText was approached by representatives of the Ukrainian Swimming Federation earlier in 2013 with a request to provide high-level interpreting at the major international events organized by the Federation. Our representatives volunteered at the events as interpreters. InText is determined to continue its volunteer work in these spheres within its social services project.

We are seeing the results of our efforts to build a strong, new chapter of InText's business and we will continue to work steadfastly in this direction in 2014.

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