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      NEWS: 11 June 2012 InText Forum 2012

InText Forum was successfully held on Saturday, May 26, 2012. The event was hosted in the companyís home city of Dnepropetrovsk, and it brought together in-house employees and the most dedicated freelancers that have been collaborating with us on a long-term basis. Thanks to the joint efforts of our most active freelancers and our team, the program was comprised of workshops, presentations and discussions that spotlighted InTextís framework of cooperation with freelancers and our quality initiatives. It was also a valuable opportunity to share knowledge, generate new ideas and get new perspectives on the companyís activities and image.

InText Forums are aimed to foster cooperation with our freelancers, share our vision and convey expectations that the company has in terms of quality that are based on the requirements of our clients and industry trends. As before, the atmosphere of the event was synergizing and greatly encouraged open and effective communication.

"This Forum is all about creating a spirit of unity, creating a truly collaborative environment," commented Marina Bogdan, InTextís Human Resources Manager. "Of course it is a large investment of time, finances and talent for the company and also for the freelance attendees. Yet the long-term perspectives of this event are fantastic."

"We worked hard to make this Forum a reality and it is wonderful that the feedback we have received is quite high," Anna Braslavskaya, InTextís Vendor Manager. "I am very happy for the enthusiasm weíve garnered, and my colleagues and I look forward to our next event."

"This year will be another great year for InText: a year of development, prosperity and innovation. We believe that all of the people we work with are contributing so much, and we appreciate their loyalty and support," added Stanislav Kalenyuk, CEO of InText. "The Forum was an exciting opportunity to show our appreciation, communicate the company's strategy and to focus yet again on various aspects of our collaboration that could be mutually beneficial and would raise the companyís performance and efficiency."

In the future, InText plans to continue amending the strategy behind the Forum, preserving its practical and social value. As always, photos are available on Flickr and we keep uploading video footage on YouTube. In addition, follow us on Facebook to learn more about our team news.

InText Forum 2012: Group Photo

InText Forum 2012: Stanislav Kalenyuk, CEO of InText

InText Forum 2012: At Dinner

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