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      NEWS: 19 December 2011 Brainstorming Dec 2011

Brainstorming Dec 2011 - a one-day, invitation-only unique event took place in Moscow, bringing together senior leaders of InText Translation Company, Neotech and All Correct Language Solutions. The format of the event was suggested and elaborated by Stanislav Kalenyuk and supported by other participants. The agenda was set on December 14, from 13:00 till 20:00 and included presentations prepared by the representatives of each company (Pavel Dunaev, Neotech; Stanislav Kalenyuk, InText Translation Company, and Yury Petyushin, All Correct Language Solutions), round table discussions and dinner.

The Brainstorming Dec 2011 brought great value to everyone, giving an opportunity to gain a competitive edge by sharing experience on key management challenges and collaborating in various spheres of corporate management with peers. The topics that were covered included best practices in strategy, innovation, corporate culture, customer relationship, personnel engagement, and operational excellence.

“…It was a great opportunity to talk with the colleagues, truly outstanding people, who are challenged by the same things every day, learn how they overcome obstacles, and get energized by their enthusiasm.” – Stanislav Kalenyuk, CEO (InText Translation Company)

“…I got an energy boost from the Brainstorming. Peer-to-peer communication with such strong and intelligent people was fulfilling and inspiring!” – Marina Bogdan, HR and Marketing Manager (InText Translation Company)

“…To my opinion, it was an event of extreme importance. I learned a lot from my colleagues responsible for IT and DTP in a company of great history and size. We proved to each other, to the industry and to ourselves that healthy collaboration is possible and more than that, it can be mutually beneficial.” – Kirill Fedotov, Head of Sales and Project Management Department (InText Translation Company)

“…The most important thing is that we got to know your excellent team. Let's move onward. I believe that we will begin considering and working closely on our joint programs right after the New Year.” – Sergey Sant, Owner (Neotech)

“…Neotech company highly appreciates this opportunity to communicate with colleagues who share our striving to improve technological processes and succeed with high quality of our translation and services.” – Pavel Dunaev, Head of Center of Expertise (Neotech)

“…What I value the most, is that we have agreed on further joint steps that will accelerate our growth.” – Denis Khamin, COO (All Correct Language Solutions).

The format of the Brainstorming Dec 2011 proved to be successful, encouraging straight talk, creating the atmosphere of partnership. It enabled the participants to focus on contact points and maximize collaboration. It has a big potential, and InText will continue to contribute to organization of brainstorming events.

We would like to thank all the participants, Sergey Sant, Pavel Dunaev, Margarita Egorova, Yuriy Patchko, Michail Zhomin, from Neotech, as well as all others hosting the event in the office of Neotech, and Yury Petyushin and Denis Khamin, representatives of All Correct Language Solutions, for their efforts and time.

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