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      NEWS: 14 October 2011 InText at Translation Forum Russia 2011

This year InText Translation Company has once again become a partner and participant of Translation Forum Russia. The conference was held in Saint Petersburg, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and lasted for three days, September, 23-25. The event has proven to be of truly international level with almost 500 participants from more than 15 countries. What made it so alluring besides the location? Variety is the key.

The conference had a great educational value. The program was intense and extremely varied, the sessions were divided into five streams representing different topics starting from interpreter’s’ workshops and classes on literary translation, and teaching translation to updates on CAT and MT translation technologies and general trends of the Russian translation market. The list of speakers included Renato Beninatto, the President of ELIA (European Language Industry Association), Doug Lawrence, the marketing guru from Selling Translations, Noël Muylle, the honorary Director General at Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation, Anne-Marie Colliander Lind, the former Director of European division of Common Sense Advisory and now CEO of, Ekaterina Ryabtseva, the creator of one of the largest online forums for translators in Russia "Gorod Perevodchikov", Israel Shalyt representing Intent, and other professionals well-known in the industry. Yet the vastness of program makes it impossible to review every presentation. Thanks to a successful cooperation between the School of Translation and Interpretation and Radio Guide, most sessions were covered by simultaneous interpreting, and attendees had a great opportunity to follow interesting presentations regardless of the language.

InText brought four speakers to the conference. Our copy editor Olga Yershova made a presentation on literary editing. The presentation attracted a lot of interest from the audience and encouraged colleagues from other companies to share experience. Kirill Fedotov, the Head of Sales and Project Management Department, shared an inside story of everything related to project management, starting from hiring principles to progress and cost-effectiveness control. Valentyna Kozlova, InText’s QA Manager, spoke about the innovative approach to cooperation with freelancers. The presentation generated great interest among experienced translators and anthusiasm among beginning freelancers that attended the forum. Finally, our CEO Stanislav Kalenyuk shared InText’s perspective on the latest trends in TMS development. The session was valuable for system developers and received a positive feedback from our colleagues in the industry.

The list the companies represented at the conference was impressive. Among the participants we spotted renowned independent interpreters and translators, software developers, key persons from largest Russian translation companies, in-house translators from different spheres – oil&gas, winery, medicine, publishing and many others. The organizers put a great deal of efforts into making the event rich in activities, both educational and entertaining. Translation Forum Russia 2011 was full of atmosphere. It opened up a wonderful opportunity to meet the industry professionals and discuss the market trends during the guided city tours, as well as mix with translators, talk to industry visionaries and take some impromptu ballroom dancing classes during the gala dinner.

This year we have witnessed the conference make another bold step towards international recognition, yet the potential of the event has increased even more. Considering the growing swell in demand for Russian translation in the market, more and more international companies seek partners in the region, and we predict that Translation Forum Russia will prosper. InText is proud to be a partner of the conference and wishes to thank all who supported it and helped in organization of the event.

As always, photos from the conference are available on Flickr, and we are preparing a lot of video materials, including all InText’s presentations for the benefit of those who could not attend or want to follow the event. They will be uploaded on our YouTube channel. Follow us on Facebook to get updates and more.


Translation Forum Russia 2011: Intensive Program, Strong Speakers, Savvy Audience

Andrey Chuzhakin and the InText Team

From left to right: Natalia Fedotova (InText), Jurek Nedoma (XTRF), Renato Beninnato (Selling in America), Valentyna Kozlova (InText), Doug Lawrence (Amicus Transtec) and Konstantin Dranch (All Correct Language Solutions)

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