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      NEWS: 30 December 2010 InText at tekom 2010

Same as last year and the year before, InText Translation Company visited tekom conference and Trade Fair on November 3-5. The event counted around 3,000 of participants and exhibitors, and more than 200 presentations and workshops.

For us it was a variety of opportunities to learn, improve, meet people and get an insight into the industry in only three days. The Trade fair was very bright and versatile, and it was a real pleasure to walk around. InText had decided not to get an exhibition booth. This allowed us to decrease the expenses, at the same time increasing our mobility. The booth of Transit lured people with the magnificent rolling ball sculpture called "the Bird", Kilgray were giving origami tulips, Yamagata - trial version of their QA Distiller tool and companies from Asian pavilion were surprising each day with live drum performance, sushi and fragrant tea treats. It was an event where we could find representatives of key translation market players and major industry software developers, where we had the opportunity to get valuable pieces of advice.

The program of the conference was very intense and covered a vast amount of topics. It suited people of various choices and companies of various specialties. We focused on presentations dedicated to quality control and enjoyed the presentations exploring this very aspect.

We visited "Taming The Thousand-faced Beast: A Very Practical Implementation of Language Quality Assurance Service"  by Serge Gladkoff (Logrus International). The presentation gave an insight into QA check processes in Logrus. "Minimizing the Risk of Messing Up Asian Language Projects"  by Aki Ito (The Toin corporation) was an exotic yet cosmopolitan presentation about the principles of effective project management and practical ways to avoid issues that affect quality on the early stages of the project. Angelika Zerfass (ZAAC) and Daniel Zielinski (Loctimize GmbH) gave an overview of specifics and possibilities of sub-segment matching for a variety of tools available. There was a variety of other presentations of great value; the full overview prepared by organizers is available here.

Apart from visiting the presentations and sessions, we had meetings with our clients and partners in our To do list. Tekom is a perfect place to strengthen relationships, because nothing is better than meeting in person and having quality time hearing the client, talking about mutual plans, needs and expectations.

In conclusion, it is worth saying that tekom fair brings more and more value, and so visiting the conference and the fair itself becomes a must for more and more companies working in the business of technical documentation and translation worldwide. InText Translation Company is not an exception. In 2011, we plan to visit tekom for the fourth time and would be happy to meet you there.

Traditionally, a short photo report is available on flickr and our tekom video is available on our youtube channel.

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