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      NEWS: 31 May 2010 InText at GALA 2010 Conference

On 10th - 12th of May, GALA 2010 conference was held in Prague. This event organized by the Globalization and Localization Association gathered over 180 participants, including consumers and suppliers of translation services as well as providers of localization technologies. Representatives of various businesses, from self-employed translators to multinational corporations running offices in more than 100 countries, were networking, discussing hot topics brought by their colleagues, and exchanging opinions on up-to-date trends and prospects of the localization and translation market.

InText Translation Company was represented by Stanislav Kalenyuk (CEO), Vladimir Kleshchonok (Reviewer / QA Specialist), Tatyana Kolesnik (Project Manager) and Olga Fomenko (Project Manager). Some pictures from the meeting are available on Flickr!

Our company was also among the speakers at the conference with a presentation titled "High Quality Translations: Myth or Reality. An SLV's Perspective". We brought together some bright examples of what working in a translation company looks like, and tried to answer what is it that single language vendors often lack when striving to achieve high quality. Based on vivid examples, the presentation outlined peculiarities of a project manager's job as well as unavoidable difficulties caused by various factors that take place in the workflow. Also, it drew attention to the people behind computer displays, creating translation, checking megabytes of text and sending dozens of emails all over the world. Our presentation attracted considerable interest of the audience, which is not surprising, because project managers' job requires focusing and patience no matter where the company is located. And the problems managers face are common if not universal. The video of the presentation is now available on YouTube.

During our stay in Prague we were also lucky to meet some of our clients, give them special souvenirs from our company and have some Becherovka with them. Surely, live communication means a great lot and helps to strengthen a relationship between the companies.

The city of Prague itself deserves a word, it deserves a compliment. It is a magical city, especially captivating in spring, when alleys and parks are in bloom and the delicate perfume of lilacs and violets fill the air. Fortunately, our hotel was located in the center of the city and every day we had a walk across the Charles Bridge downtown to the Intercontinental Prague Hotel, where the conference took place.

Interesting acquaintances, inspiring talks, delightful pastime - all that brought fantastically positive emotions. We will try to share them with the people we work with, our colleagues and clients.


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