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      NEWS: 16 July 2009 InText becomes the member of LISA, the leading international association for localization standards.

It is not a secret anymore that any product introduced into a local market should be localized. This means that the product should be offered to the residents of a particular area with the necessary package of documents in the local language with adaptation to specifics of this language, as well as to the needs and (quite often) to the customs and habits of the local population. That's why the localization services industry has been rapidly developing for several decades. In 1990 the leaders of this market and the largest multinational companies founded LISA (Localization Industry Standards Association) in order to promote international business with joint efforts of its participants. Nowadays, LISA community embraces more than 500 corporate members, including such well-known companies as Adobe Systems, Xerox, IBM, Nokia, TRADOS, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Oracle, LionBridge, SDL International and others.

LISA focuses on the issues of globalization, internationalization, localizations and translations (GILT). These directions include all processes, the purpose of which is to overcome cultural and language barriers on the way of global business development.

LISA Forums, Global Strategy Summits, and Workshops are held annually in various parts of the world. Each event focuses on certain activities. Communication which takes place during these forums focuses, for the most part, on technologies and sharing of experience. The summits are global, and deal with the strategic issues related to globalization, localization and translations. Workshops focus on the review of various specific topics, including the development of machine translation, project management, use of terminology, multilingual workflow management and many other things.

Translation is an essential part of localization, and that's why our company pays special attention to LISA activities. We believe that membership in this association will enable us to learn more about the practical aspects of localization, timely receive the latest information on the important events in the translation industry, its standards and rules, as well as to share experience, which, in its turn, will help us to improve the quality of our services, facilitate technological development and enhance our corporate knowledge base.

Member of LISA

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