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TUV NORD Certificate IS0 17100:2016. Our registration number is 7U396 InText is a UTIC Organizer

InText ranked 1th amoung TOP 10 Ukrainian LSPs


Please, read about 2009-2019 in our news!


InText company became a member of internationally known association of companies engaged in translation, internationalization, localization, and globalization industry. The association is called GALA. It gave us the opportunity to learn the experience of world's industry leaders, participate in the international conferences, receive key industry news and study examples of adjustment to international industry standards and update our own business processes accordingly.

In 2008 the company set a task to widen our prospects, enter new markets to strengthen our position and secure our company future in view of oncoming global market recession. It very negatively affected innovation solution markets in Ukraine and Russia, whereas the company activity is quite closely connected to these markets. We have launched a few pilot translation projects from new language pairs: Czech, Dutch, Swedish, Belarusian into Ukrainian and Russian languages and from English into Belarusian and other languages.

Completion of a number of major projects was an important milestone in the company's development. Once again we have demonstrated our ability to cope with large and complex technical translation (300,000-500,000 words) to meet the client's needs. Managing such projects takes high concentration of the Company's best resources. At the same time, it is important to keep the smaller projects under control, to maintain the quality of the services and optimally redistribute the Company's workload.

We continued to build up our client base. At the end of 2008, we had nearly 220 clients, 114 of which were our regular customers.

Also, InText company has started charity work.

Our team made a decision to help orphaned children. We have collected some funds to buy a new refrigerator for an orphanage.


Our quarterly newspaper became an important means of communication with our freelancers. The newspaper was called 'Online'.

Due to the company's rapid growth we had to pay special attention to communication with our clients. InText team welcomed a new member - Marketing Manager. The Marketing Manager was hired to establish new connections and improve cooperation with our regular clients. Another serious revision of current business processes was performed.

To boost our sales, we became active and regular members of regional and international conferences.

Communication and feedback between the company's management and personnel was paid more attention, along with control over realization of all decisions made by the company's management and consideration of the initiatives and ideas suggested by InText team. Weekly tactical meetings and seminars on the main professional issues were introduced as a tool to improve communication inside the company. The same year, the company implemented a new software product combining tools for data and document management, optimization of business processes efficiency and creation of secure interaction environment. This software product was essential for joint decision-making, especially while working with remote access. It helped easily customize documents and discussion workspaces, use calendars, contacts and other data which facilitated interaction of task groups and boosted performance.

Also, the company reached a new level of communication with suppliers. Translation tasks were handed out and translations were uploaded with the help of web-forms. This innovation saved time and made handling the materials easier for both project managers and suppliers.


The company carried out a major upgrade of hardware and its LAN, got a new powerful server, switched to domain local network, created centralized antivirus and back-up systems. It secured regular and safe operation of software and made our database more reliable and easy to access and facilitated work with corporate resource management system.

Two more translation fields were mastered: Information Technologies and Telecommunications, including translation in the fields of computer hardware and software, communication systems, etc. and Legal and Finance Translation. The latter embraced economic materials, management, marketing and other translations. A separate in-house proofreader was now in charge of each of the fields, performing an independent quality check of the translation jobs made by our freelancers.

As a result, the company business processes were updated to meet European EN 15038:2006 standard, creating new opportunities for further integration into the global translation industry. These changes favored further growth of translation volumes, which in turn caused an increase in the number of our freelance suppliers and in-house employees.

Growth of our freelancer base required a more effective resource management system, which allows seeking, selecting and hiring and training newly-hired freelancers continuously. The company needed a system to teach newcomers all the company's rules and standards, while keeping in touch with already hired suppliers. The company's management made a decision to recruit an in-house HR Manager in order to develop and implement human resource policy, and maintain ongoing communication with freelance staff.


The company entered a new stage of active development, and the year brought ever-increasing volumes of translation. A new item to consider appeared on the agenda. The company had to introduce a new effective quality management system to meet high standards of global market. The company's management decided to revise our business processes to comply with ISO 9001:2000.

In 2005 we used CAT tools for almost 100% of projects.

The company also decided on its priority translation fields: Technical Translation, including machine-building, aerospace, automotive industry, equipment for oil and gas industry, construction and others. We engaged an experienced reviewer to assure quality of translations in this field. This allowed us to implement the procedure of reviewing by an independent expert into the company's business processes, which corresponded to the requirements of a number of national standards in the field of translation in Europe and the USA. Sometimes, compliance with those standards was a pre-requisite set by foreign clients for cooperation with InText.


When the company entered the global market, its next aim was to maintain and strengthen its position. Therefore, a lot of efforts were made to study and implement advanced written translation technologies, quality management systems.

The company extended the range of its services by adding translation of media materials. At the same time, we laid the basis for the business process which allowed us to provide desktop publishing services. We did serious work in the field of integration into the global translation markets, and joined the world's leading community of professional translators at

Increasing volumes of translation required better resource management, automation of repeated operations, clearer and more effective project management procedures. We counted on our own system to be developed and we succeeded - the software then created is still in use in our company.

This allowed us to make project management easier, keep our documentation in order, arrange all data on client base and freelance suppliers and enabled us to handle large data volumes effectively.


The year was significant for the decision of the company's management to switch to other larger markets. Entering external markets required a complex of innovations to be taken. This allowed us to make a name of reliable and competent service provider. The company focused on comprehensive professional training of personnel and building foundation of the company's corporate culture, based on principles of cooperation between in-house and freelance workers. Gradually the company moved to new translation fields, and translation of personal documents with notarization gave way to translation of big volumes of documentation for gas and oil industry, translation in the field of innovative information technologies and household appliances.


InText was founded on 01.10.2002 as a private family business by a father and a son:
Yury Kalenyuk with two higher educations (philological at Moscow State University and technical at Dnepropetrovsk State University) was in charge of careful selection of vendors and quality assurance of delivered translations. And Stanislav Kalenyuk with higher education in Management was in charge of project management and business development.

As company strategy InText chose to stick to the policy of highly professional servicing in the field of technical translation, aimed to leave our clients satisfied.

Creation of the company was preceded by extensive organizational and creative efforts. It took time to consider and approve objectives, think over the strategy, plan current tasks. The company designed its logo and launched corporate website.

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